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I am passionate about people!  And I am passionate about relationships!  Happy people nurture and foster happy relationships, which provides a solid foundation for happy families.  However we can all agree that life challenges can fracture and frazzle relationship bonds.  Seeking help from a knowledgeable, skilled professional on how to navigate through those challenges can make a huge difference in restoring balance and stability.  It is my passion and mission to bring more happiness into the world one person, or one couple, or one family at a time.

As a holistic marriage and family therapist, I recognize the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit in relation to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health well being.   I bring this perspective of wholeness to the therapeutic process, along with compassion and professional expertise to facilitate resolution of various life challenges by focusing on solution and skill building.

We are all confronted with difficulties and health challenges  from time to time in our lives.  Most of the time, we have developed skills to manage through them.   However, sometimes the challenges are complex and overwhelming, pushing us to the edge or leaving us confused, anxious, depressed and lost.  Life challenges such as infidelity, divorce, grief and loss, addiction/alcoholism, infertility, and adoption, can seem insurmountable.  Trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression can take it toll on relationships and work duties.  When finding yourself directionless, weary,  or at the end of your road, utilizing the services of a trained professional can be most helpful.  

As a highly skilled and trained psychotherapist, I see myself as your counselor, coach, teacher and guide, helping to navigate through the mental and emotional terrain of your internal world, holding honor and respect for the seemingly difficult process.  By utilizing mindfulness and experientail exercises, clients become aware of their blind spots, gain a much clearer picture of their issues, thereby enhancing their ability to make well informed choices on how to  proceed forward in life.  In other words, old patterns and programs are seen clearly as problematic.  Then replaced by new healthier programming.  It is my intention to teach clients how to achieve win/win outcomes in their relationships, find solutions to their problems and create happier, fulfilling lives.

If you're looking for professional help and guidance through a tough situation, or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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